Herbie Hansen
5408 Andover Drive, Orlando, FL 32812
Cell Phone (407) 230-8696

My career goal is to achieve a position where I can utilize my talent in a creative environment of teamwork and passion. My drive is to accomplish brilliance with my team, and “wow” with our audience.

Proven Leadership and Mentoring Skills
Proven negotiation skills, centered on win/win
Excellent training skills with experience in active listening and effective communications
Proven motivator, organizer, trainer and delegates effectively, understanding the balance between micro-managing and abandonment.
Strong ability to care for and balance excellence in artistic endeavors, people and the bottom line.
I understand International cultural sensitivities and work well within them.

WALT DISNEY WORLD Lake Buena Vista, FL June 1998 – Present
Entertainment Manager
Duties include managing the performances and calling shows of various performance locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Direct Supervisor – Kristan McCrobie / Stacy Hommerbock

WALT DISNEY WORLD Lake Buena Vista, FL June 2005 – 2010
Principal Performer – Citizens Of Hollywood
Performed in spontaneous and rehearsed scenarios as Otto Von Bonn Bahn 1940s Film Director. Also provided guidance as Acting Coach and Associate Director support periodically.
Direct Supervisor – Mark Renfrow

WALT DISNEY WORLD Lake Buena Vista, FL June 2005 – Present
Contract Show Director
Duties included, creatively conceiving shows, writing, directing and artistically directing on an as needed basis. Work included “Merlin’s School Of Wizardry”, associate director for “Citizen’s of Hollywood,” “Camp A.O.K”, Blue-Sky Brainstorming for Epcot Special Events, Epcot’s Holidays Around the World, and Magical Moments for Goofy’s Candy Shop in the Disney Marketplace. I am on what Disney refers to as the “director’s bench.”
Direct Supervisor – Leslie Campbell

WALT DISNEY WORLD, Orlando, FL April 1996-October 1997
Show Producer/Project Manager - Innoventions , Epcot
I oversaw the creative development and maintenance of "show" for all exhibits in Innoventions. I initiated and oversaw all creative development, writing, directing, hiring, casting, training, scheduling, designing, technical needs and budgeting.
Raised average secret shopper ratings from 70% to over 85%
Direct Supervisor - Michael Colglazier

Was responsible for the development of a comprehensive catalogue of Children’s programming developed for all ages of children.
Client Contact - Patty Kalber

As a part of my work at Sak Entertainment I was contracted for One week of every month for three years to blue sky brainstorm and develop new projects with Walt Disney Imagineering. A sampling of those projects are: Disney MGM Studios, Pleasure Island, Disneyland Paris and Wonders Of Life at Epcot.

Atmosphere Show Producer/Project Manager
I oversaw development of much of the atmosphere program and assisted with special events as well as budget planning and development. Occasional need for my Talent booking skills and contract negotiations with outside agents. I was the Video editor and historical archivist for the entertainment department and Macintosh computer coach. I designed and developed award winning parade units for annual Midosuji Parade.
Was able to help make atmosphere an important aspect of Universal Studios Japan and in so doing was asked to extend my one-year contract for 3 more consecutive years.
Direct Supervisor - Nanci Herbst then Mike Davis

UNIVERSAL - ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE – February 1998- May 1998
I was project manager and writer/director for selected atmosphere shows for Islands of Adventure. I developed the concept, wrote and directed a character show and an interactive musical within time constraints and budget.
Direct Supervisor - Michael Morman

Orlando, FL 1989-1990
Wrote and directed “Murder She Wrote Post Production” and the Hitchcock art of Making Movies show. I also directed Ghostbusters, and the Jaw’s attraction.

FIESTA TEXAS THEME PARK, San Antonio, TX 1992-March 1996
Manager Creative Development
Oversaw directors, choreographers, composers and designers in the development of new show product and maintenance of existing shows. Led brainstorming sessions in development of shows, future goals and visionary planning of the Department.
.* Was distinguished in my work with people and training in T. Scott's Book, "Positively Outrageous Service and Showmanship" Chapter 26 starting on page 220.
* Maintained customer ratings of "definitely recommend to a friend" at a level consistently over 95%
Direct Supervisor - Eddy Snell now with SRO Associates

SAK ENTERTAINMENT (aka Sak Theatre and Sak Comedy Lab), Orlando, FL 1977-92
Founder - Owner - President
Founded and developed an entertainment company that became internationally known, from a group of three people doing shows on week ends to a large entertainment company with four companies touring the world and several casts performing at several locations including: Seven years operating full-time shows at Epcot in Italy and United Kingdom Showcases and in Future World, Walt Disney World Convention and Business Seminars, Disneyland, Six Flags Parks, Taft Parks (now Paramount) Renaissance festivals and World EXPOs

Not fluent but able to communicate in Japanese and Spanish

PC and Macintosh, Microsoft Office (All Aspects), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, Video Editing, Web Page Publishing

BFA Theater Arts - University Of Minnesota
Accounting - Minneapolis School of Business

QUOTABLE QUOTES: (Click links for complete Recommendation Letters)

"Herbie Hansen is one of those people you want around when new ideas in theatre are being incubated. He always remembers what the focus is: there's an audience out there, and they want to be entertained -- whether it's a small group encounter, or a theatre full of people. Point Herbie to the stage (or lack of it) and he will perform for you."
Marty Sklar, President, Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, CA

“Herb has a great love for exploring creative ideas. He clearly understands the needs for good fiscal management, when pursuing the needs of any organization. His many years of practical experience allow him to chase interesting ideas, while being mindful of what is achievable and workable with audiences. His daily skills of either leading the effort or assuming a role as a member of the team made him a very effective asset for our creative endeavors.”
Mike Davis, Entertainment General Manager, Universal Studios Japan

“(He) made a great contribution in a short time. In essence, Herb Hansen will be an asset to any organization that he becomes involved with, and I wish him my very best as he seeks new frontiers.”
Michael Colglazier, Executive Producer, Innoventions, Epcot, Walt Disney World

“There are days that stick in your memory. I got to look showmanship in the eye. Showmanship is a universal concept, applicable to absolutely every endeavor. But I had never met someone I regarded as an artist, a practitioner of showmanship, a master of theatre."
T. Scott Gross in his book "Positively Outrageous Service and Showmanship" Chapter 26

"In summary, Herb Hansen is a thoroughly professional director, with excellent training skills, great wit, and an understanding of comedy and drama that make all his efforts a pleasure to behold."
Peter N. Alexander, President, Totally Fun Company, Clearwater, FL

“I consider Herb to be the ‘Godfather of Atmosphere Entertainment’. He was the first person we thought of when we first started on this project.”
Vernon McGugan, General Manager Operations, Universal Studios Japan