Herbie has honed his brainstorming skills at many different venues. NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Walt Disney Imagineering, BRC Imagination Arts, Universal Studios International and Walt Disney World. He believes that everyone has a creative spirit that has just the idea your team may need. The key to unlocking that brilliance is in the well structured and planned brainstorming session that allows expressiveness from even the shyest of your team. The above picture is a recent brainstorming session with Natural Bridge Caverns management team developing a future for their company. The walls are filled with ideas from every member of that team. Contact Herbie to see how creative your team really is.

QUOTABLE QUOTES: (Click links for complete Recommendation Letters)

"Herbie Hansen is one of those people you want around when new ideas in theatre are being incubated. He always remembers what the focus is: there's an audience out there, and they want to be entertained -- whether it's a small group encounter, or a theatre full of people. Point Herbie to the stage (or lack of it) and he will perform for you."
Marty Sklar, President, Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, CA

“Herb has a great love for exploring creative ideas. He clearly understands the needs for good fiscal management, when pursuing the needs of any organization. His many years of practical experience allow him to chase interesting ideas, while being mindful of what is achievable and workable with audiences. His daily skills of either leading the effort or assuming a role as a member of the team made him a very effective asset for our creative endeavors.”
Mike Davis, Entertainment General Manager, Universal Studios Japan

“(He) made a great contribution in a short time. In essence, Herb Hansen will be an asset to any organization that he becomes involved with, and I wish him my very best as he seeks new frontiers.”
Michael Colglazier, Executive Producer, Innoventions, Epcot, Walt Disney World

“There are days that stick in your memory. I got to look showmanship in the eye. Showmanship is a universal concept, applicable to absolutely every endeavor. But I had never met someone I regarded as an artist, a practitioner of showmanship, a master of theatre."
T. Scott Gross in his book "Positively Outrageous Service and Showmanship" Chapter 26

"In summary, Herb Hansen is a thoroughly professional director, with excellent training skills, great wit, and an understanding of comedy and drama that make all his efforts a pleasure to behold."
Peter N. Alexander, President, Totally Fun Company, Clearwater, FL

“I consider Herb to be the ‘Godfather of Atmosphere Entertainment’. He was the first person we thought of when we first started on this project.”
Vernon McGugan, General Manager Operations, Universal Studios Japan